5 Countries Where People Are More Open-minded About Threesome Dating

The level of sexual liberality in every community determines the openness with which they accept or discuss sex. Countries where there is a hanging taboo on the subject of sex are less likely to accept new practices or less conservative lifestyles like threesome dating.


Invitation to romps or threesome hookups is considered common in America per 1,000 than in most countries. Although this is not such an open subject as romping clubs and websites exist for such frivolities. People who want such sexual experiences use swinger clubs and websites to scout for partners in that regard.

threesome hookup

In 2014 report published, 14 percent of respondents agreed to have experienced threesome dating and are generally open to it as a fantasy. More than 50 percent of the survey group described their relationship as monogamous while 3 out of 10 were open to some adventure or threesome hookups.


Surprisingly, Australians are more open to threesome hookups than Americans. Up to 20 percent of the women respondents listed threesome hookups as one of their sexual fantasies as against 4 percent of American respondents. Openness on the subject of sex is also high among the Aussies, with up to 75 percent agreeing to outdoor frivolities in a Cosmo report.


Switzerland is one of the most liberal places to be for people who seek sexual freedom. A huge 32 percent of respondents in a survey agreed to experimentation with sex and threesome dating. For many people, this is more of a once-off experience than a sustained practice; it, however, indicates that sex is no taboo among the Swiss.

The licensed brothels and pornographic liberality in Switzerland is a pointer to the sexual paradigm here, which is largely accommodating in comparison with other nations.


Medellin and Bogota are the hubs of social and urban groove in Colombia and swinger lifestyle have taken a hold over the last decade. Swinging clubs have become popular and accepted with people who are middle-aged and below. This class of people is more disposed to sex adventures with threesome dating gaining traction.


Threesome hookups are a subject of discussion among girls and an experience for them is possible by hanging out at swinger clubs.


Spain has a high collection of nude beaches and is rated as sexually charged although it also records high social acceptance of gay unions. Threesome dating is no taboo around here although stable dating is also a prominent feature among the Spaniard. The openness about sex means that you can initiate a threesome hookup without a flinch, and if you are lucky, you go ahead and enjoy the pie.

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